What is a Care Free Black Girl?

023438b429baed884aacfc9a538d2ce7There is a new movement circulating through social media. A movement where the marginalized and underrepresented are breaking free of eurocentric culture.  Women of color are establishing a new identity where their beauty and diversity is being celebrated.  #CareFreeBlackGirl.

You have probably seen them on Instagram , Tumblr, or Pinterest. Thats right! The black girl dancing, laughing, with flowers in her either pastel-colored hair or full and glorious fro. She may even have the “squad pic” where they are all oblivious to the labels or stigmas surrounding black women. Black femininity at its finest.

The “Carefree Black Girl” is a woman who rebels against the cultural and gender “norms”. With her chunky, messy Marley twists, she tackles the gender and racial discrimination of black women. A woman who is free-spirited. She dawns Afros, great twist-outs, funky colors in her hair, and clothed in mix and match patterns. She is not afraid to be eccentric and present her aspirations of creativity. The carefree black girl is the complete opposite of what is usually seen in your favorite magazine. She is bodacious, slim, curvy, skinny, in all shades and tones of black. A carefree black girl is not the black woman that is plagued by negative characteristics associated with the stereotype of black woman.  She is not the “mad, black woman” nor a belligerent housewife chasing checks by gold digging the next hip-hop star.

A carefree black girl loves herself unconditionally by celebrating herself. She accepts who she is even though the world around her does not. Her energy uplifts other women and young girls around her. Her way of life shows other women that it is great to be black and shows how to love everything about being a black woman.

This movement allows black women to express their true selves. So, go against the grain. Join the revolution! Be self-aware and aware of the world that fears you. Exude your individuality and freedom. Release yourself from caring about what everyone thinks. Live freely and comfortably in your skin and your fro. Girl, be care free and black.


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